A Greater Gathering

Are those who no longer attend Sunday services part of a scattering movement that is undermining the mission of the church in the world, or are they in fact people looking beyond conformity-based environments for a more meaningful relationship with God and with others? Wayne reads and responds to a recent article called The Scattering Movement, to show how the prevailing definitions of church actually lead us away from real community. But it also opens the door to an important conversation: What is the church and how does she reveal the heart of God in the world? And, how does community arise out of a growing relationship with Jesus, and not conformity to a man's vision, or an institution's agenda.

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John Burton's article, The Scattering Movement
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  1. Thank you so much for this teaching….
    Very cathartic and personally vindicating.

    You have successfully articulated my heart in this matter very well.

  2. The Gathering of the Bride? Starting in the Song of Solomon let Christ woo us to Himself that we become the Bride, Church and New Jerusalem! How glad we are to have escaped from Babylon to blend into the gathering of God’s “called out” ones!

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