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Helpless Isn’t Hopeless (#546)

Wayne and Brad are back from their summer hiatus and as they sort through some listener email, they are asked about their own journeys and what God is doing in them at the moment. That spawns some conversation about embracing God's delight in us especially when we're not at our best, and learning the value of living helplessly in the Father's care instead of with an over-exaggerated view of our own abilities to fix the circumstances we hope to fix. Growing in our awareness of helplessness is not hopeless, especially when our hand is in the hand of the Father. In our own lives and in others, only God can work things out the way he desires.

Podcast Notes:
Wayne refers to this book again:  Soul of Shame by Curt Thompson
There are still a few more slots available if you want to join Brad and Wayne on their Trip to Israel
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