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Taking Shame Out of Sexuality (#551)

WARNING: Be advised that this podcast is a frank and perhaps for some a controversial conversation about sexuality. The sex lady returns to discuss some of your questions and comments from our earlier podcast. Wayne and Brad continue their frank and sometimes explicit conversation with Tracy Levinson, author of Unashamed: candid conversations about dating, love, nakedness, and faith, about a grace-based approach to sexuality in a variety of contexts.  They talk about how to deal with sexual issues with children  and how we can teach them modesty and restraint, without tainting their sexuality with fear or shame, and where we may have failed sexually or been taken advantage of how to be at peace with God. They also talk about masturbation and its impact on healthy sexuality, but not as a sin that will disconnect your relationship with God. They also help explore how a couple can communicate more effectively about their frequency, turn-ons  and sort through the places where it has caused pain or disappointment. h or disconnect you from God as you deal with it.

Podcast Notes:
Original Podcast with Tracy
unashamed: candid conversations about dating, love, nakedness and faith
Tracy's website
Wayne's review of Tracy's book
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