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The Sweet Spot of Growing Trust (#533)

We all know what it's like.  Life is caving in around us. Everything that can go wrong, is going wrong and we feel as if God is ganging up on us. And mail from a listen invites Brad and Wayne into a discussion about finding that sweet spot of trust where our safety in him is disconnected from the circumstances that surround us.  In Scripture quotes that rarely appear on our refrigerators, God warned us repeatedly that life will be cruel and that trouble is a normal part of living in a broken world, even for his followers. He has offered us a place in him that ensures we are not alone no matter what circumstances we confront. Instead of turning on God at moments of pain, we can stay at rest in him knowing he is working on my behalf through anything, so i don't have to judge him, second-guess myself, or be anxious about uncertainty.

Podcast Notes:
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