Repentance That Works

Following up on a conversation Wayne and Kent Burgess had over the weekend about repentance, and how their view of it has shifted greatly from their old days of religion, they reconnected to record some of that for others. They used to see it as wallowing in guilt and shame and making well-intentioned, though impossible, promises to God about never repeating it again. After the cross has removed our shame, however, repentance is the lively conversation with God about the broken places in our thoughts and motivations that invite a work of healing and invites us more deeply into his process transformation. Loving the way God does it is so subversive, and where we give up our need to control the people we love, we can see how subversive it is in inviting others into transformation without needing to manipulate them at all.

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Kent’s Blog Faithfully Dangerous
Great Joy in KenyaОткъде да купя икона


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  1. Nomad Dave says:

    Very cool Kent and Nancy. :) All My Favorite People. . .

  2. kent says:

    That’s a great song Dave.

    And Nancy, I myself have been wanting to do the CONVERSATIONS ON A MUSICAL TRAIN with Over The Rhine. If they could get Wendell to go along with them and have him reading some poetry along the way….I would be there :-)

  3. nancy says:

    Yes, thanks for the video, Dave :) Kent, you referred to your fb page on the podcast… would that be found?

  4. kent says:

    Just sent a friend request Kent Burgess

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